Monday, 21 November 2011

Masjid Hiroshima...

Message from president :

Dear all,
Congratulation and thanks all of the brothers and sisters for your devotion to realizing the Masjid in Hiroshima.  Yasui

On 2011/11/21, at 14:52, Mahmudul Hasan wrote:

Dear Brothers/Sisters,
Asalamualikum w w b.
As you remember, I wrote a mail to you entitled “Good News for Mashjid” at the middle of October, 2011 but today I would like to let you know with pleasure and happiness that Alhamdullilha, by the help of Allah Sobahanatawala we could able to buy our targeted building and land in the last week. We got the final registration letter from Hiroshima Court last Saturday (2011.11.19), that the name of building ownership was changed into Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Centre. Now, we have a Mashjid in Hiroshima having fulfillment of our long dream inside our mind.  Allahu akbar.

During the Second World War, the attack of atomic bomb in Hiroshima made a history. After Second World War, this is another history for Muslims that we could established a Mashjid here. This is a preliminary planting of seed for Islam in Hiroshima and I believe this seed will develop with getting proper oxygen, air, water and all necessary things from each community insalalla. Consequently, after growing up this tree, insallah it will be a good shade for all of us in this donia and also in Akirat. This property is amana to all of us and is not belonging to under any community or any person. This property for all of Muslims lives in Hiroshima. Insalah, this Mashjid will be a centre not only for 5 times prayer but also a place for spreading the Islam in Hiroshima as well as in Japan. Islam comes for all mankind. So, it is our mission also to invite non Muslims specially the Japanese to come and see the peace and happiness of Islam. I believe it will be a centre for studying, learning and researching about Islam forever.  

I would like to acknowledge all of our brothers and sisters who sacrificed their time, effort and energy for this Mashjid both inside Japan and also outside Japan. May Allah Sobahanatawala accept all of our good deeds and placed all of us in paradise.

However, already we stopped our donation campaign. But still we need money to prepare Odukahana and reconstruct inside the building. Regarding this issue and for any further upgrade, please see details in our official website Please make doa for proper management of this Mashjid. Ameen.

Jajakum Allah Khairan

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